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Building a custom front-end for Ghost

Build a completely custom front-end for your Ghost site with our Content API and JavaScript Client


You’ll need basic understanding of JavaScript and a running Ghost installation, which can either be self-hosted or using Ghost(Pro).

Getting started

Ghost’s Content API provides complete access to any public data on your Ghost site including posts, pages, tags, authors and settings.

The JavaScript Client provides an easy, consistent way to get data from the Content API in JavaScript. It works server-side, in the browser or even in a build pipeline.

The JavaScript SDK provides further tools for working with the data returned from the Content API.

These three tools give you total flexibility to build any custom frontend you can imagine with minimal coding required. Some examples of what can be achieved include generating static files, building a browser-based application or creating a latest posts widget on an external site.

Further reading

Read more about how to install and use these tools in your environment. Learn more about the Ghost API and specific endpoints in our API documentation.