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Unable to open sqlite3 database file

If the sqlite3 database file is not readable or writable by the user running Ghost, then you’ll run into some errors.


Unable to open sqlite3 database file for read/write (exit code 236)

To fix

By default, this file exists in content/data/ but this path may also be configured in your config file.

Ensure that the path in the config is correct and that the path is both readable and writable by the user running Ghost.

This solution is for developers using the supported Ghost install method using ghost-cli. If you’re having problems with an unsupported custom install, check out the community forum.

Upgrading to Ghost 1.0?

When migrating to Ghost 1.0, you’ll need to use a JSON export file to import your site content. There is no way to migrate to 1.0.0 using only an SQLite3 DB file.

For general backups, keep a copy of your sqlite database file by stopping Ghost before copying the file to prevent corruption.