Developer docs

Major Versions & Long Term Support

Major version release dates and end of life support for Ghost.

Version Released End of Life
Ghost 0.x 2013 Jan 2019
Ghost 1.x 2017 Jan 2020
Ghost 2.x 2018 Jan 2021
Ghost 3.x (LTS) 2019 Jan 2022
Ghost 4.x (Current) 2021 Jan 2023

At any one time the current major version of Ghost is under active development, whilst the previous version is maintained as the Long Term Support version (LTS).

The current version of Ghost receives new features and improvements on a regular basis. The LTS version of Ghost will only receive critical security and stability fixes.

Once a version reaches End of Life it should be considered insecure.

The update guide describes the steps for updating from Ghost 1.0 or higher, to the latest version of Ghost.

If you’re running an 0.x version of Ghost, you’ll need to follow the update guide first to update to 1.0, as there is no direct update path from versions < 1.0 to the latest version.