Fair Use Policy

The Ghost editor allows creators to embed images, video and audio within their posts and pages. It also allows other file types to be made available as downloads from posts and pages. Ghost(Pro) plans have file upload limits and are also subject to a fair use policy for file storage.

Plan limits in Ghost(Pro)

Ghost(Pro) sites have unlimited data storage and transfer. Each plan sets a maximum file size for video, audio and other files uploaded through the editor or the importer. The file size limit is per file, not per site. We don’t limit the number of video, audio or other files added to your site.

Bandwidth limits for headless setups

When using Ghost(Pro) in a headless setup, you should download images and media locally as a part of your build process where possible. Ghost(Pro) plans come with the following bandwidth limits for serving assets outside of Ghost's built-in front-end:

  • Basic50GB/mo
  • Creator100GB/mo
  • Team250GB/mo
  • Business500GB/mo

If you exceed these limits, a member of our support team will be in touch with you to talk about moving to a different plan or adjusting your usage.

Acceptable use of file storage

Unlimited file storage in Ghost(Pro) is provided for the normal purposes of running a Ghost site. By this we mean that we will host images, audio, video and file downloads that support your content, or are the focus of your content business. This is hard to define so here are some examples:

  • If you use your Ghost(Pro) site to showcase your photography, add as many images as you like to your site. They’re going to look fantastic.
  • If you use your Ghost(Pro) site as the “home on the web” for your podcast, you can upload as many episodes as you like to our servers. They sound great.
  • If you like to share videos of your public speaking engagements with your specialist audience, Ghost(Pro) can do that. Your hair looks amazing.
  • If you are distributing a free ebook to anyone who signs up to your membership site, you should definitely be adding that to a custom welcome page via the Ghost(Pro) editor.

We could go on, but we think you get the idea. If you act in good faith, we’re happy to host you.

Let’s just talk about a few things that aren’t OK:

  • You can’t use Ghost(Pro) as a storage bucket for gifs that you’re going to add to the message editor in an app you’re building.
  • You can’t use Ghost(Pro) as a home-brewed intranet or a back-office app for your bootstrapped startup.
  • You can’t use Ghost(Pro) to store videos that you’re actually going to embed on other sites.
  • Ghost isn’t your iPod. Don’t rip your CDs and use us as a music locker.

tldr: if you’re doing something that is usually done on DropBox, GoogleDrive or S3—you should probably use one of those products to do it.

Enforcement of fair use

They say it’s better to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission. Not in this case. If you think you’re not acting in the spirit of fair use you’re most likely not—but feel free to discuss your plans by emailing support@ghost.org before you get started. We may suspend sites which consistently or dramatically exceed these limits.