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Usage: {{#is "contexts"}}


The {{#is}} helper allows you to check the context of the current route, i.e. is this the home page, or a post, or a tag listing page. This is useful when using shared partials or layouts, to output slightly different context in different places on your theme.


The is helper takes a single parameter of a comma-separated list containing the contexts to check for. Similar to the has helper, the comma behaves as an or statement, with and being achieved by nesting helpers.

{{#is "post, page"}}
   ... content to render if the current route represents a post or a page ...

As with all block helpers, it is possible to use an else statement:

{{#is "home"}}
  ... output something special for the home page ...
  ... output something different on all other pages ...

If you only want the reverse, or negation, you can use the ^ character:

{{^is "paged"}}
 ...if this is *not* a 2nd, 3rd etc page of a list...


The following contexts are supported:

  • home - true only on the home page
  • index - true for the main post listing, including the home page
  • post - true for any individual post page, where the post is not a static page
  • page - true for any static page
  • tag - true for any page of the tag list
  • author - true for any page of the author list
  • paged - true if this is page 2, page 3 of a list, but not on the first page
  • private - true if this is the private page shown for password protected sites