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Usage: {{{block "section"}}} and {{#contentFor "section"}} content {{/contentFor}}


{{{block "block-name"}}} is a helper for creating a placeholder within a custom handlebars template. Adding the helper along with a unique ID creates a slot within the template, which can be optionally filled when the template is inherited by another template file.

The {{#contentFor "block-name"}}...{{/contentFor}} helper is used to access and populate the block definitions within the template that’s being inherited. The inherited template is referenced with {{!< template-name}} at the top of the file. If the contentFor is not used then the block will be gracefully skipped.


<!-- default.hbs -->

    <!-- ... -->
    {{{block "scripts"}}}

<!-- page.hbs -->

{{!< default}}

{{#contentFor "scripts"}}

{{{body}}} helper

The {{{body}}} helper behaves in a similar fashion to a defined block helper, but doesn’t require a corresponding contentFor helper in the inheriting template file.

{{{body}}} example

<!-- default.hbs -->

<div class="site-wrapper">
    <!-- ... -->

<!-- post.hbs -->

{{!< default}}

<section class="post-full-content">
    <div class="post-content">

Inherited template files, files that contain {{{block "block-name"}}}, cannot be templates used directly by Ghost. post.hbs, page.hbs index.hbs can inherit other template files and used the contentFor helper but cannot contain block definitions. See our theme structure documentation for more information.