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Making a living from your leisure writing may seem like a far-fetched idea in today's economy. Many naysayers underestimate the power of publishing, but your writing talents will always have value as long as people keep searching the internet for answers and community. This week's newsletter is about how to turn your blog into an abundant business, avoiding the common pitfalls, and whether you should hire additional team members. Let's go!

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  • Turn your blog into a business
  • 12 mistakes new publishers make
  • Should you build a blogging team?

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Getting down to business

If your "it's just a hobby" blog is starting to become a bigger monster than you anticipated, it might be time to admit that the universe has great professional publishing plans for you. You've got the talent, some great content, and a good number of followers, so what's next? How do you take control of your blogging destiny and turn it into a full-fledged career?

The team over at AIContentfy walks us through how to turn your passion for publishing into a profitable profession.

Your target audience

  • Finding a clear niche as a publisher can help you stand out and hone in on your target audience. A niche is a specific subject that you'll spend most of your time focusing on. Having a firm grasp of your content and who your followers are will build a strong foundation for your future.
  • To find your target audience, notice who's most interested in your content. What are their hobbies, values, and demographics? Understanding these points will help you tailor your content to their needs, increase engagement, and attract more followers.

Your online presence

  • Building a solid online presence using social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter can help you reach a large, targeted audience. Sharing engaging content and interacting with your followers on a human level can help grow a flourishing community around your niche.
  • It's important to have a social media strategy; don't just post everything everywhere all at once. Start by focusing on one or two of the most relevant platforms for you and your audience. Be aware of the type of content you share, and be sure that each post adds value to your business.
Think about what social media platforms will best boost your business.

Your revenue stream

  • There are plenty of money-making options that will help take your publication to the next level, including subscriptions, advertising, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing. These avenues can create a steady stream of revenue that will keep your lights on.
  • Consider selling digital products like e-books or online courses. This can help generate passive income while providing your expertise and value to your readers. Invite your followers into the process by asking them what products would enrich their lives and if they have any content feedback.

Your strategy

  • Developing a consistent content strategy for creating, publishing, and managing your blog is essential for delivering quality content. What are your goals? Do you want to boost your brand, drive traffic, or gain more members? Knowing your objectives will help you align your content accordingly.
  • Utilizing SEO tactics can be vital to getting your publication seen in Google search results. "Search Engine Optimization" is the long-term strategy of crafting your website and content to rank high in search results in order to gain organic traffic for your business.
Use this framework to define your content strategy.

Your lifestyle

  • Staying up to date on industry trends and advancements allows you to stay ahead of your competition. Subscribe to multiple publications, attend events, join online communities, and keep up with the latest technologies. Keeping relevant will give your business a competitive edge.
  • Remember to take time for yourself. Your business won't flourish if you're not. Turning your publication into a stable career will take time, patience, and commitment. Set boundaries, prioritize self-care, build a supportive team, and don't hesitate to say "no."

Interesting stories & ideas πŸ“š

Amateur hour

There's no need to rush when transforming your budding blog into a bountiful business. Growth takes time, and you don't want to make the same errors every other publisher makes. You may feel like an amateur, but there's no reason to treat yourself like one.

Let's look at some common mistakes to avoid when turning your blogging hobby into a career so you can get a leg up over your competition.

#1 Writing about too many topics without finding a clear calling can muddy your waters. Try being more creative in a narrower niche.

#2 Choosing too many social media platforms can spread you and your work too thin. Try focusing on just a few socials that you can stay devoted to.

#3 Monetizing your work too soon can slow growth. Be patient and start with audience-focused products to reap the most rewards later.

#4 Don't wait to capture emails before publishing your first post. You should always have a way for readers to provide their info and join your cause.

#5 Using low-quality design will get you low-quality results. Your website's look and feel should match the caliber of your content.

#6 You don't have to reinvent the wheel to stand out. Find what already works, model your business around it, and make it your own.

You don't have to reinvent the wheel but don't wait to try new things.

#7 Don't always rely on free tools to help you get the job done. Invest in platforms and integrations that give you complete control.

#8 Publishing inconsistently generates inconsistent content quality. Try regularly meeting small goals before moving on to bigger ones.

#9 Not learning SEO basics wastes a sustainable, reliable, free growth tool. You don't need to be an SEO expert to see continuous results.

#10 There are no shortcuts to creating high-quality content that meets your audience's needs. Find a healthy balance of quality vs quantity.

#11 Never revisiting your previous work is a missed opportunity to breathe new life into your publication. Don't be afraid to repurpose and rearrange.

#12 Waiting to begin is the worst thing you can do when turning your blog into a thriving business. Start now!

The right writers

If you're discovering that turning your blog into a business is a lot of work, you're right. The larger your publication gets, the harder it is to maintain it all on your own. Managing your platform, promoting your brand, and creating quality content isn't easy, and when you need to take a much-needed break, how does your business run without you?

If you're feeling overwhelmed or want to plan for a fruitful future, New York Times best-selling author Neil Patel offers guidance on forming a writing team.

β€£ Your relationship with your readers will help you decide whether hiring additional writers to help run your publication and create content is the right approach. A larger team will support production, but are your readers only expecting content you've made? Make sure your personality is still present.

β€£ You can't just hire anyone and expect them to be a good fit. You'll want to recruit writers who align with your brand, mission, and values. You can use tools like Upwork or Fiverr, join social media writing groups, and partner with other publishers to find your perfect match.

β€£ Good writers don't work for free, so it's an excellent idea to have a compensation plan immediately. Some ask for money, exposure, a link to their blog, or republication rights. Be sure to confirm what works for both of you in order to set the right expectations.

β€£ Ghostwriting can be controversial in blogging, as some readers might feel it's dishonest. There's no set rule, so do what's best for your publication's values. Just be sure to hire someone who will boost your brand with their spectacular writing skills and professionalism so all of your hard work isn't harmed.

β€£ You can change course if it doesn't work out. If you hire a writer who isn't a great fit, that's okay. Just like any business, not every employee will last a lifetime. You can always dip back into your publishing network for help, hire additional people, or go back to blogging on your own. Whatever's best for you!

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