#31 — AI for reporters and email newsletter benchmarking tools

Welcome back to Publisher Weekly and the first issue of 2019. This week’s edition includes articles about boosting subscriptions with editorial content, the future of AI and technology in reporting and a new tool for benchmarking your email newsletter.Enjoy!

💯 Top picks

6 Lessons for publishers in the New Year

Twipe have picked out a no-nonsense list of the 6 things publishers should be focussed on this year, with a strong persuasion towards revenue, paywalls and newsletters to drive retention.

💸 Business models

Kickstarter backed member platform Tortoise to launch a diverse and inclusive membership

With almost $700k of crowdfunding behind them, slow-news outlet Tortoise is set to launch this month.

“We’re creating a different type of newsroom, for and with our members” - Co-founder, Katie Vanneck-Smith

New ownership and new revenues for Fortune

The business publication Fortune has been acquired and according to the CEO, they’re planning on developing new paid products with price points for both consumers and professionals.

Editorial integrity helped this regional publisher towards healthy growth in subscription numbers

A regional news outlet in Norway called Fædrelandsvennen increased their subscription numbers when they began focusing on editorial content and the publication’s role within the greater society.

✍️ Modern journalism

Everything you need to know about the podcast industry and the most interesting companies to watch

The Hot Pod newsletter recaps the year of 2018 in the podcast industry and what we’ll cover in 2019.

👩‍💻 Technology

Forbes is building AI tools for reporters

The business publisher has already rolled out a new CMS which suggests article topics to journalists and contributors based on their writing history. Now they’re working on a tool that will pre-write rough versions of articles that can be refined ready for publishing.

How The Shorestein Center built an email newsletter benchmarking tool

Will from the Single Subject News cohort at the Shorestein Center discusses why their team built a new email benchmarking tool, how they did it and what the future of the tool looks like!

🤷 WTF?

How much of the internet is fake?

From fake news, to fake content, fake metrics and fake traffic - some reports suggest that under 60 percent of all web traffic is human 😱

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