#15 — Thriving in a digital world as a publisher

Hey there! Welcome to this weeks issue of Publisher Weekly. We’ve included even more hand-picked news topics this week for your reading pleasure. Enjoy, and see you next time!

💯 Top picks

Thriving in a digital world (as a small publisher)

Stratechery’s Ben Thompson visits The Knowledge Project and shares his thoughts on business, running a one-person publishing company, and how technology will transform our future.

💸 Business models

Understanding SaaS metrics for publishers

All kinds of subscription or members business uses SaaS metrics to measure growth. Chart Mogul have put together this refresher course using expert insights and real-life business metrics. Worth checking out!

What works (and doesn’t) for advertising subscriptions

According to this study you have to start telling people what they will gain from your subscription to drive growth. A fancy logo won’t do, and Facebook ads won’t work.

✍️ Modern journalism

How is journalism changing?

A curated collection of discerning studies about the future of journalism. Warning! Academic content ahead.

Reboot the media

As more and more written news journalism shifts towards smaller digital companies, industry experts are in agreement that things are shifting, while others are discussing starting over and building from the ground up.

How a news organisation plans to attract 10k members

The Texas Tribune spent a whole year making a long-term business plan which includes attracting 10,000 members, big donors and new kinds of readers by 2025.

🌱 Fresh ideas

The Guardian overhauled its content studio

Aside from asking readers for donations, The Guardian is introducing other ways to increase its finances by repositioning its content studio into a commercial features desk.

👩‍💻 Technology

Leveraging AI to identify quality news

A search engine has started using AI to power a news feature that is focused on quality and diverse news sources. Spoiler alert: it’s not Google.

🤯 WTF?

Google is a literal extension of our mind

Could technology be altering our cognitive architecture as a species? 😱

This fascinating (but scary) study suggests that our minds may be linked with Google.

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