#118 — 3 years of membership research in one place

In this week's roundup you'll find examples of publishers exceeding subscriber numbers, a podcast about growing your newsletter as well as tips for how to write almost anything and how to setup successful paid campaigns. Enjoy your Sunday reading!

💯 Top picks

The Membership Handbook is here

The Membership Puzzle Project have released a guide, which includes everything they know after three years of studying and supporting membership models in news. It has everything from getting started, to launching and beyond. Bookmark this one!

💸 Business models

[Podcast] Newsletter growth tips with Brandon Zhang of Weekly Wisdom

Newsletter Crew chat with with Brandon Zhang about reaching 1,000 subscribers and whether Gen Z are even reading newsletters.

Membership, revenue and subscriptions: Insights from TU Media and Die Zeit

"TU Media and Die Zeit might be worlds apart in terms of focus but they share one common success story – extremely effective subscriber strategies."

How The Atlantic amassed over 300,000 paying subscribers

The Atlantic launched a new paywall last September and now has more than 300,00 paying subscribers.

The Economist has tripled the number of subscribers driven by LinkedIn

Over the last two years, The Economist has grown its followers on LinkedIn by almost 40%, implemented a new LinkedIn strategy, and turned many of those visitors into subscribers.

✍️ Modern journalism

How to write (almost) anything, from a great joke to a killer cover letter

"There’s an old saying attributed to legendary sports journalist Red Smith: “There’s nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.” The technology may have changed since the 1940s; the painful parts, unfortunately, haven’t."

Journalists can help people tell their own stories by talking less, listening more

“Our role is facilitator instead of interpreter, catalyst instead of judge”

💻 Technology

Setting up paid campaign creatives for success

"When it comes to running successful paid campaigns, your creatives are the primary driver of success or failure."

A more intimate way of consuming journalism: An audio-only app

"The Correspondent, famous for their 2018 ‘unbreak the news’ crowdfunding campaign, are branching out into audio to bring their journalism to members in new ways."

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We're numb to the coronavirus

We're over COVID even if it isn't over us.

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