#117 — Don't forget about community

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Happy weekend and thanks for stopping by. In this week's issue, you can discover how to harness social media for your publication, how to build a community to sustain recurring revenue, and find out why the publishing industry is buzzing after a period of uncertainty.

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💯 Top picks

Subscriptions are fine, but a community can give you more

"Getting people to pay for content is good enough, but building a deeper relationship can be so much better."

Jacob Cohen Donnelly writes about the benefits of subscriptions as a recurring revenue stream, and makes a case for community being the method you should use to keep those subscribers around.

💸 Business models

The business model that was broken is being re-made through technology

More people are consuming news more frequently, Australian media report finds.

With 64,000 digital subscribers, El País accounts for a quarter of news subscriptions in Spain

El País announced on Monday that it has nearly 110,000 subscribers. Of those, 64,200 are digital-only, 37,923 are print and digital, and 7,842 are to Kiosko y Más, the digital version of the print newspaper. About 20% of those subscribers are from outside of Spain.

How the i newspaper doubled its Instagram following in a year

In light of Instagram usage doubling since 2018, publishers are trying to figure out how to utilise the platform to reach their goals. Journalism.co.uk interviews the social media editor of the online newspaper i to find out how they distribute news on Instagram.

✍️ Modern journalism

Limited Podcast series: Original reporting

The Nieman Foundation recently launched Original Reporting, a limited podcast series looking at the creation and business of journalism.

The buzz is back in the publishing industry

"Publications are bouncing back, eCommerce is surging, ad spend is looking up, and there’s a sense of optimism in the air."

The Code – The most important document that defines the heart and soul of your publication

Tommy Walker was put in charge of running the Shopify Plus blog and wanted to give all authors who were hired to write for the publication a solid set of guidelines. The result of this—The Code—has now been shared in full on Tommy's website, and it's packed with useful inspiration for all types of publishers.

💻 Technology

59% of Google users only visit a single page, and other surprising search insights for publishers

"Two recent studies on how people use Google search have thrown up some surprising findings for publishers."

We haven't seen an infographic for a hot minute, but here's a new one about the latest trends in Facebook and Instagram advertising.

🤷 WTF?

A robot wrote this entire article. Are you scared yet, human?

The Guardian asked GPT-3, OpenAI’s powerful new language generator, to write an essay from scratch.

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