Ulysses + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Ulysses together

Create content with Ulysses and publish directly to your Ghost publication with a time-saving integration

Ulysses is a focused writing app for Mac, iPad and iPhone, with document management, fast syncing and flexible exports. Ulysses has a direct integration with Ghost via our API, so it’s possible to connect your Ghost site and publish your writing to the world in minutes.

Here’s how it works:

Use the publishing export option

Once you’ve created some content in Ulysses and you’re ready to port it over to Ghost, use the publishing export option from the top navigation menu and select Ghost:

Connect your Ghost publication

In order to send your writing to your Ghost site now and in the future, you’ll need to enter the credentials you use to sign in to Ghost Admin.

✅ Remember to enter your domain as yoursite.ghost.io and not a custom domain.

Select your publishing options

Now when you hit the export button, you’ll see an option to export your to your Ghost publication.

Click Publish and select your publishing options as you would normally in Ghost, such as a schedule and whether your writing will be a draft or published:

The Show details button will give you further options such as post image, post URL, tags and excerpt.

If you’re using an iOS version of the Ulysses app, you can create the exact same workflow and send your content to Ghost from iPhone or iPad on the go:

Publish your writing to Ghost

That’s it! Once you’re happy, hit publish and your content will appear in Ghost Admin, or if you’ve chosen to publish it right away, it will be live on your site 🎉

Your Ghost site is now connected to Ulysses, so next time you need to export your content to Ghost you can get the job done in just a few clicks.