Team Ghost

Team Ghost

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We chat about all things open source with TechHut Media, share updates about Ghost, and provide some code and design inspiration.

5 min read
💌 Build with Ghost: Email is changing in a big way

Explore the new email requirements by Google and Yahoo to keep your Ghost newsletters ahead of the curve. Stay compliant with our tips, and discover why Casey Newton's Platformer has made the switch to Ghost.

3 min read
🎁 Build with Ghost: Wrapped 2023

Explore the highlights of 2023 in our final Build with Ghost issue of the year, including all the features shipped, tutorials published, and links you clicked. We also have some brand new resources and ideas to check out if you aren't one to live in the past 📟

2 min read
📝 Build with Ghost: Documentation incoming

Discover the latest in Ghost: from our new Raycast integration for streamlined documentation search to the innovative TS-Ghost library. Get insights on developer tools, community highlights, and tips for enhancing your Ghost experience.

4 min read
➕ Build with Ghost: Recommendations for the open web

Our newest feature, Recommendations, is a game-changer. Learn how we're pushing the boundaries with Webmentions, 1-click subscriptions, and theme enhancements. Plus, get a sneak peek into our latest tech developments and a spotlight on groundbreaking journalism.

5 min read
⦿ Build with Ghost: Meet our new official theme

We share our newest default theme Source, chat with Bekah from OpenSauced, and share the latest news on web dev and design.

6 min read
👩‍🎨 Build with Ghost: The art of the post template

Dive into Issue 8 of our Ghost development newsletter! Explore the art of crafting the perfect post template, discover the latest CSS updates, and journey with Thimira as he takes Ghost headless. Plus, tutorials on custom settings, sign-up forms, and more.

5 min read
Build a custom sign-up form

Learn to create a custom sign-up form with Ghost. This guide covers all steps, including HTML integration, CSS styling, and user engagement strategies.

7 min read
Custom settings are the ultimate power-up for themes

Want to elevate your Ghost theme? Dive into custom settings with this complete guide. Choose typefaces, color schemes, and more. Your theme, your rules!

6 min read
The art of the post template

Creating gorgeous post layouts has never been easier in Ghost. Dive into our step-by-step guide to learn everything you need to know about creating a custom post template.

12 min read
🥯 Build with Ghost: A partial guide to everything

In lucky Issue 7, learn to craft stunning themes, boost engagement with new signup features, and gain insights from tech educator Erin Mikail Staples. Enjoy the fortune-filled insights this issue brings!

5 min read
A complete guide to partials

Learn partials in Ghost for better code maintenance and consistency. This tutorial will teach you what a partial is, how it's used, and some advanced tips and tricks.

10 min read
A comprehensive guide to the index template

Learn to create and customize your Ghost theme's index template in this comprehensive tutorial. Understand the index template functionality, the power of the post loop, and bonus theme customization techniques.

9 min read
A comprehensive guide to the default template

Discover the secrets of Ghost's default.hbs template. Learn how to optimize your site's common elements and become an efficient theme-creation machine 🤖

9 min read
🧠 Build with Ghost: Do you know these essential concepts?

Issue 6 features three things you must know when building a Ghost theme, how we're on our way to supporting 33 different languages, 25 examples of jaw-dropping typography, and an interview with the cool site, Architecture Notes

4 min read

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