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Team Ghost

Create a Google News sitemap

Reach new audiences by having your content show up in Google News. Readers get the benefit of discovering your content in a single hub and the ability to share and bookmark articles easily. Learn everything you need to know about adding your Ghost site to Google News in this tutorial.

3 min read
Send a custom welcome email

Make your first impression count by connecting Ghost and Zapier to send new members a welcome email. It gives you the chance to thank your member for signing up and jumpstarts their onboarding experience.

5 min read
How to build a custom homepage

A gorgeous hero section, engaging calls to action, stunning photography — learn how to build a custom homepage for your Ghost theme in this tutorial.

11 min read
How to add a tip jar

Give your readers more opportunities to support your content (and boost your revenue) by adding a tip jar to your site. It's quick and easy, and this tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know.

2 min read
Open a theme in a code editor

As the saying goes, use the right tool for the job. If you're editing the code of a Ghost theme that means using a code editor. Follow our tutorial to learn how to open a theme.

1 min read
Create a custom post template

In this tutorial, learn how to create a custom template to give your posts a distinctive look.

4 min read
How to use Code Injection

Code Injection is a powerful, convenient tool to add CSS, JS, and more to your Ghost site. Learn how to get the most out of it in this tutorial.

4 min read
Download a code editor

Make your life easier and download a code editor. We'll show you where to get it, so you can start editing your Ghost theme.

1 min read
Download and upload a theme

With a few clicks in Ghost Admin, you can download a local copy of a theme or upload an entirely new one. Follow our tutorial to learn the steps to take.

2 min read
Implementing redirects

Avoid broken links by redirecting old URLs to new ones. In this tutorial, learn everything you need to know about Ghost's redirect process.

4 min read
The complete guide to comments

Comments can jump-start the conversation on your publication and give your community a place to engage with one another. This tutorial will walk you through the process of adding comments to your Ghost theme.

3 min read
Change the URL for tags and authors

Transform tags into topics, authors into contributors, or any into any other terms by updating your site's taxonomy.

1 min read
How to add social media icons to your theme

Expand your social media presence by adding all of your social media network icons to your Ghost theme.

4 min read
A complete guide to code snippets

Developers write code. Some developers write about writing code. But when they try to share that code on the web, everything that makes code more readable – like formatting and syntax highlighting – is gone!

4 min read
How to add a table of contents

Let your readers know what to expect in your posts and give them quick links to navigate content quickly by adding a table of contents with the Tocbot library.

9 min read

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