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Team Ghost

Essential concepts to know when building a Ghost theme

In this tutorial, learn to wield the powerful Handlebars templating language, unravel the core structure of a theme, and understand the crucial role contexts play in theme development.

7 min read
🏗️ Build with Ghost: First steps for creating a custom theme

Unleash your creativity with Issue #5. Learn to install Node and Ghost for custom themes, stay ahead with 2023's graphic design trends, and explore top tools with Liz Rowe. Plus, new Ghost features, tips, and resources to optimize your content.

5 min read
How to install Ghost locally

Get ready to harness the power of Ghost right from your local machine! This tutorial guides you through installing Ghost CLI and Ghost, enabling real-time theme changes, idea testing, and bug-fixing.

3 min read
Install Node on macOS, Windows, and Linux

Step-by-step instructions on how to install Node on macOS, Windows, and Linux. With Node installed on your machine, you'll not only be able to install Ghost locally but also have access to the whole NPM ecosystem.

4 min read
💻 Build with Ghost: Themes made easy

Speed up your theme development process with the latest updates to the Starter theme. A peek inside the latest features and developer tools in the Ghost ecosystem. Explore the world of generative art with this week’s featured publication, Gorilla Sun.

5 min read
📖 4 ways to build a read-next section in Ghost

In our third issue, we share our power tip to preview a post quickly, how to build a related-posts section, new features and content in Ghost, and spotlight the amazing publication, Maker Stations

4 min read
How to create a read-next section

In this tutorial, learn to build a read-next section for your Ghost theme so that your audience always knows what they should be reading next.

10 min read
🐛 How to debug your Ghost theme once and for all

Learn how to use the log helper to debug your Ghost theme. Get acquainted with Ghost's new feature: automatic list cleaning. Check out Codecamy's beautiful Ghost site.

3 min read
How to debug your theme

Boost your bug-squashing ability, amplify your creative possibilities, and unlock a whole new perspective for custom theme development by learning how to use Ghost's log helper

8 min read
🏎️ Build Ghost themes more quickly with our new VS Code extension

Speed up Ghost theme development with our VS Code extension. It autocompletes syntax, offers help docs, adds GitHub deploy, and much more!

5 min read
Create a Google News sitemap

Reach new audiences by having your content show up in Google News. Readers get the benefit of discovering your content in a single hub and the ability to share and bookmark articles easily. Learn everything you need to know about adding your Ghost site to Google News in this tutorial.

4 min read
Send a custom welcome email

Make your first impression count by connecting Ghost and Zapier to send new members a welcome email. It gives you the chance to thank your member for signing up and jumpstarts their onboarding experience.

5 min read
How to build a custom homepage

A gorgeous hero section, engaging calls to action, stunning photography — learn how to build a custom homepage for your Ghost theme in this tutorial.

11 min read
How to add a tip jar

Give your readers more opportunities to support your content (and boost your revenue) by adding a tip jar to your site. It's quick and easy, and this tutorial will walk you through everything you need to know.

2 min read
Open a theme in a code editor

As the saying goes, use the right tool for the job. If you're editing the code of a Ghost theme that means using a code editor. Follow our tutorial to learn how to open a theme.

1 min read

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