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πŸ’ Marrying your members

Keeping the attention of wandering eyes on a computer screen in 2024 can be a lot like herding cats. You put so much time and energy into composing the perfectly formatted newsletter, but all of your hard work can sometimes get lost in the weeds. This week's newsletter

6 min read
🏘️ Cultivating community ⭐️

In a world full of technology and AI, constantly craving organic connections is something we all have in common. That's why creating a thriving online community where your followers can flourish is more important than ever. This week's newsletter is about giving your business a human

8 min read
πŸ“’ Promoting your publication ⭐️

Feeling like you're screaming into an empty void after creating great content can be maddening. Putting all your blood, sweat, and tears into your work to hear only crickets isn't the dream you envisioned when starting your blogging business. This week's newsletter is about

7 min read
🎩 Publishing professionally ⭐️

Making a living from your leisure writing may seem like a far-fetched idea in today's economy. Many naysayers underestimate the power of publishing, but your writing talents will always have value as long as people keep searching the internet for answers and community. This week's newsletter

7 min read
πŸ•΅οΈ Optimizing for search engines

If you grew up being the middle child, you know what it's like to go unnoticed. If you've spent a ton of time creating great content that never appears in Google, it can feel like you're the middle child of the publishing world. That

6 min read
πŸƒ Crafting a new leaf

Constructing the perfect website and publication is always a tall order. Not only are you building a space that should feel like home to you and your team, but your site must also appeal to the fickle masses who may or may not be interested in what you're

7 min read
πŸ’– Loving your content

If you're struggling to make your publication the passion project you've always dreamed of, you're not alone. Not everyone has the natural ability to gather and present their thoughts in presentable and palatable packages for easy audience consumption. This week's newsletter is

7 min read
πŸŽ‰ Newsletter resolutions

Happy 2024, everyone! Don't you just love that new year smell? Nothing feels better than hitting the reset button and leaving your baggage behind. (Pay no attention to the failed 2023 resolutions behind the curtain.) In celebration of starting fresh, this week's newsletter is about creating

7 min read
πŸš‚ Powering through

Welcome to our last newsletter of 2023! We had an exceptional year at Ghost, and we hope yours was just as special. During this time of reflection, you're probably asking yourself, "How is 2023 already over? Wasn't Halloween just a week ago? Why do my

6 min read
⛡️ Setting sail with sponsorships

When you've poured your heart and soul into your newsletter, you want it to stick around as long as possible. To secure a bright future for your hard work, it might be time to start thinking about monetization, specifically email newsletter sponsorships. This week's newsletter is

7 min read
πŸ‘½ The UX-Files

Do you have a special eye for design? (Yes, we do think the purple couch pairs well with the cow print chair. πŸ„) Having great style shows the outside world what your inner self stands for. This principle doesn't just apply to the home you live in or the

7 min read
🎸 Getting your brand back together

When you think of your favorite brands, what sets them apart? Is it their exceptional products and helpful solutions, or is it the way they make you feel? Nowadays, creating emotional connections with your audience is essential for building brand success. This week's newsletter is about the importance

6 min read
🎨 Conquering the creatorverse

For years, you've been posting food pics on Instagram, sharing style inspiration on Pinterest, and arguing with your uncle on Facebook. You've amassed hundreds of followers across all platforms who love your vibe, but you're not sure what your next steps should be to

7 min read
πŸ“ Reinvigorating your roadmap

Everything feels so hopeful when you take your first dip into the cool, refreshing waters of Lake Creator. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you've finally gotten that annoying jingle out of your head. But after a short while, the clouds roll in, and you

5 min read
☁️ Being content with your content

You've chosen a platform, built a fancy website, and now you're ready to amass a loyal following. Are you forgetting something? Ah, yes. Content! A shiny blog means nothing if you don't furnish it with hearty content to make your readers feel at home.

6 min read

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