#17 — Building thriving news businesses against the odds

Hey! Didn’t have time to read the publishing highlights this week? We’ve picked out the best bits for you right here.

💯 Top picks

Building a thriving news business against the odds

Jessica Lessin, founder of The Information, shares how she built a technology publication in a saturated market, using the subscription model as a point of difference. More than 10,000 subscribers later, The Information is one of the world’s leading tech news outlets. This podcast is full of advice and insight, don’t miss it!

💸 Business models

Why go to the event when you can just subscribe to it

Women’s business and lifestyle publisher Girlboss is going to use it’s IRL events to fuel digital subscriptions! Since events are hard to scale, the publisher is launching a new members platform with access to event content on a private network!

✍️ Modern journalism

Publishing challenges in 2019

Global Editors Network discusses the challenges in publishing for 2019. The VVV challenge: Voice, Video and new Visual Journalism. Read more →

Why European journalists struggle to engage with communities

Interesting insights from a survey held in Europe in more than 15 countries with 11 news organisations.

Buying into journalism’s blockchain... in only 44 steps

This writer bought into the blockchain-and-journalism startup, Civil, an experiment to strengthen journalism by putting some of it on the blockchain. Here’s what he experienced.

👩‍💻 Technology

Google is giving up *some* control of the AMP format

The AMP Project is moving to a new governance model and introducing non-Googlers to the committee. Most likely to counter the negative comments that AMP is Google’s way of controlling the internet. We’ll see how that goes!

🤷 WTF?

People don’t buy products, they buy better versions of themselves

A compelling article that applies to anyone trying to sell products or services and building a brand. Well worth 7 minutes of your time.

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