#95 — Member-driven organisations are learning how to adapt

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💯 Top picks

Here’s how 15+ member-driven organisations are adapting during coronavirus

“Here’s how 15+ newsrooms around the world have adapted their membership appeals, in-person events, and roles as community connectors in order to respond to coronavirus.”

💸 Business models

It’s good business (and smart marketing) to support quality journalism

“If corporations truly stand for something – and nearly all of them claim to nowadays – the time to prove it is right now, as the crisis deepens and consumers look to corporations to step up and lead. Companies that wait this crisis out will learn – quickly – that once loyal customers will readily turn to competitors who made it a priority to be in service during this extraordinary moment.”

We're starting to get real numbers on COVID-19's impact on advertising and subscriptions

“If the pandemic lasts for another three months the total loss to news brands is expected to be £50 million.”

The Atlantic is rewarded with a huge surge of digital subscriptions

“A focus on big-swing stories and ‘high-intensity, highly fraught journalism’ let the magazine put up traffic and subscription numbers more expected from a top national newspaper.”

How to market in a downturn

Harvard Business Review have studied the marketing successes and failures of companies who have navigated recessions from the 1970s onward, and put together their summary of patterns in consumer behaviour.

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But you can still click through and read the story you intended to find.

✍️ Modern journalism

“Engaged journalism” is taking us back to the “public journalism” debates of the 1990s

“Plus new research into algorithmic polarization, computational news discovery, gender differences in political news, and more.”

Healing words: how press freedom is being threatened by the coronavirus pandemic

“Journalists are writing the first draft of history, frantically typing out their stories on what it means to have societies go into lockdown, as governments use the crisis as an opportunity to clamp down on the press.”

👩‍💻 Technology

Tips: How to host a successful virtual event

Some tips from Hootsuite about running virtual events of all descriptions.

It’s the disappearance of the morning commute that seems to be hurting podcast listening most

The latest issue of Hot Pod dives into how Podcast listening has changed in recent times.

A guide to living your best quarantined life

Morning Brew put together an expansive list of ideas for dealing with quarantine. From staying in the know to ideas for how to spend your time. If you enjoy this, you can sign up for their evening newsletter.

🤷 WTF?

Zoom faces a privacy and security backlash as it surges in popularity

Zoom risks becoming the victim of its own success as it faces a privacy and security backlash.

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