#45 — 23 videos from the International Journalism Festival 2019

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It’s been a busy week, with Reuters Institute releasing hours of footage from the International Journalism Festival, discussions about “subscription hostages”, the urgent need for slower news and YouTube making moves towards more traditional content. Stay ahead with the latest news in independent publishing right here 👇

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💯 Top picks

23 videos from the International Journalism Festival 2019

Reuters Institute released a playlist of lengthy talks from the International Journalism Festival on YouTube, so you can catch up at your leisure. We recommend checking out “The rise of membership models” and “How Big Tech is re-defining journalism”.

💸 Business models

What can media learn from other member-driven movements?

“Journalism’s traditional financial models are dying. Could churches, environmental movements, and open source communities hold clues to its survival?”

Membership Puzzle Project teamed up with the Knight Centre to research this topic and shared their findings in this report. Their advice? Listen to your members, offer flexible means of participation and grow at a human scale. [See also: A webinar on the same topic].

Are newspapers keeping their subscribers hostage? [Podcast]

The Rework podcast from Basecamp takes a look at the consumer trap of subscription hostages and why so many services & products don’t provide an easy way for people to cancel, or have any confidence in what they’re selling.

Whereby.Us have converted one percent its newsletter subscribers to $10/mo members

“For us, it’s about being able to provide an extra layer of community to our members, to the people who are really engaged with us, support the work that we do, and want to get engaged in the city,” CEO Chris Sopher said.

✍️ Modern journalism

Insightful weekly seminars from Reuters Institute Business and Practice of Journalism [Podcast]

Reuters Institute have recently published a huge archive of their weekly seminar series on Spotify, covering popular topics in modern journalism. Just incase you forget to save this one for later we’ve also added it to the Publisher Weekly resources section!

The future of news is conversation in small groups with trusted voices

“It will likely start with one-to-one conversations between those voices and their readers, but that will only be the beginning.”

The urgent need for slower and better news!

“Although I’m reading more than ever before, it often feels like I’m understanding less.”Michael Luo writes about the need for slower news in an age when platforms give us fast access to information that readers skim without fully absorbing.

Beyond news: understanding the role of archives in journalism businesses

“How well are our news organisations preserving their own reporting, to both provide context, and as a resource for future generations?”

👩‍💻 Technology

Is YouTube is turning its back on independent creators?

Many highly successful creators have emerged on YouTube in recent years, and the platform has supported this and helped them to go viral. But as the video giant heads towards being more like television, it could end up leaving its humble independent creators behind!

We’ll finally get to see what Luminary, the paywalled podcast(ish?) app, has been cooking

The latest issue of Hot Pod reports that Luminary will launch later this month with an $8 a month subscription for ad-free content, but that it will also function as a standard podcasting app.

🤷 WTF?

Are you seeing ads based on how you're feeling?

The NYT introduced premium ad placements based on the emotions that the article evokes about a year ago. Project monetise-our-readers-emotions has produced 50 campaigns and accrued more than 30 million impressions.

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