#19 — Find out how to launch a paywall

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How to launch a paywall – tips from the news industry

As many news publishers are transitioning to a subscription business model, there are plenty of lessons and takeaways that the wider publishing industry can learn. This study is packed full of useful insights and tips about how to launch a successful paywall - it’s a long one, but worth it!

💸 Business models

Why is this Apple subscription service making publishers nervous?

Apple bought a Netflix-style digital publication subscription service called Texture earlier this year, and publishers are wary of investing in the platform and giving up ownership of their content.

✍️ Modern journalism

Inside the nonprofit newsroom: A playbook for building your own independent news outlet

The nonprofit news sector now pulls in almost $350 million in total annual revenue, with an increasing focus on memberships and events. Here’s an overview of the state of nonprofit news today!

The end of ad-driven revenue, part 347: Doing content-led agency work

As advertising becomes less relied upon as a revenue stream, modern publishers are diversifying by doing more content-led agency work.

👩‍💻 Technology

Tim Berners-Lee, privacy and the next era for the web...

Stop the press, Tim Berners-Lee has published an article about his latest open-source project called Solid, which aims to restore the power of individuals on the web by giving more personal agency over our data.

Spotify finally launch a service for podcasters

Spotify have launched a Podcasters program that promises those in the podcast industry with more distribution, audience analytics and more.

Don't worry – even Google doesn't understand Google

All online businesses are competing for real estate in the search engines, this is often as true for publishers as it is for SaaS companies. SEO can be a mystifying world at the best of times, but it’s seems even Google doesn’t understand how to win at Google!

🤷 WTF?

The New York Times launches a UK newsletter covering ... US politics?

The New York Times is launching a limited-edition newsletter for the U.K. that’s dedicated to demystifying U.S. politics ahead of November’s midterm elections… and it’s called “Abroad in America”.

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