#139 — Find out how to convert visitors into subscribers

In this weeks roundup: Learn how to improve your conversion copy, re-engaged lost subscribers, price newsletter sponsorships and improve your newsletters. Plus the latest top news stories!

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This issue is full of actionable ideas: Learn how to improve your conversion copy, re-engage lost subscribers, price newsletter sponsorships and improve your newsletters.

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💯 Top picks

How to convert visitors into subscribers

You'll need to enter your email address to access this micro-course but it's worth it. Conversion Class by JustGoodCopy is a short 22-minute read that is full of ideas to improve your conversion copy!

💸 Business models

A couple bucks and a few hundred follows: A viral tweet isn’t worth much

"Going viral on Twitter feels good, but it doesn’t pay."

How to price newsletter sponsorships

Getting sponsorship requests for your newsletter? Find out how to set your price.

Best affiliate programs for bloggers

"One reason why this blog monetization strategy is ideal for new bloggers is because signing up for affiliate programs requires little to no initial cash investment, and it is easy for almost anyone to implement."

Spanish daily El Pais tops 90,000 digital subscribers nine months after pandemic paywall launch

"Spain’s biggest newspaper, El Pais, launched a paywall strategy at the start of May, having delayed it by two months at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and has already reached more than 90,000 digital subscribers."

📝 Modern publishing

Twitter pulls a Patreon

Casey Newton writes about Twitter's latest announcement that it will be launching paywall features called "Super Follows", and what unpredictable effects this might have on the media landscape

Study: Many publishers still looking for solutions to cover the loss of third-party tracking

"Three-quarters (75%) of marketers surveyed believe that while contextual targeting is a useful tactic to ensure advertising relevance without relying on third-party cookies, it alone cannot replace audience targeting – including one in eight (12%) having zero confidence."

📬 Email newsletters

Creating the perfect email newsletter

Some tips for improving your newsletters and keep your subscribers engaged.

What makes a hit newsletter post? Learnings from 5000 subs

"I've written close to 50 posts. They vary from <200 views to 19K+, and have helped me grow from 0 subscribers to close to 5000 in the last 9 months." — Some insights from a newsletter writer on Reddit.

15 effective re-engagement email examples you’ll want to steal

Some ideas for how to re-engage lapsed subscribers with lots of examples.

💻 Technology

LinkedIn is the latest tech giant to launch a creator program

"LinkedIn is building a creator management team to help grow its community of content creators on the platform, according to an announcement from the company's editor in chief."

TikTok are going to teach you about selling on TikTok

They're preparing an affiliate program where creators can promote products, and a University, to teach creators about business.

Notion as content management hub

Notion is a flexible workspace tool that can be used for just about anything. This article dives into how it can be used to keep track of your content goals.

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