#137 — How much content is too much content?

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Have you seen our submission page? From here you can submit a story to be shared in a future issue of this newsletter. Find out more about the type of stories we're looking for here. We can't wait to hear from you!

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💯 Top picks

[Podcast] Uri Bram, CEO of The Browser — The Small Business Show

Uri speaks to The Small Business Show about running several businesses around something worthwhile.

💸 Business models

Bustle wants to turn its newsletters into an 8-figure business with a rewards program

"The team wants to attract 10 million subscribers across all of the brands’ newsletters and increase the newsletter business from a seven-figure revenue stream to an eight-figure revenue stream year-over-year." One of their growth strategies is to launch a referral program — if you missed it, check out our recent post about newsletter referral programs.

53% of digital publishers witnessed positive revenue growth in Q3 2020, boosted by a significant rise in subscription revenue

"The shift to subscription revenue has gained serious momentum."

[Podcast] Quartz CEO Zach Seward on charting a new course for the business lifestyle brand

"Zach Seward, CEO of Quartz, talks about memberships and advertising, and the Quartz mission to make business better."

📝 Modern publishing

Is your newsroom producing too much content? The answer is probably yes

"Most media produce too much content. Doing less is sometimes the better strategy, as it turns out."

Thinking beyond the "engagement" buzzword

"What does ‘engaged’ journalism mean for you, your audience…and your bottom line?"

📬 Email newsletters

How to make an email newsletter that builds trust and drives leads

Develop a unique focus, make sure you have a clear value prop, and make sure people know about you!

What marketers get wrong about email

“It’s much easier to find brands doing a bad job than brands doing a good job,” says Dan Oshinsky, who's launched newsletters for the New Yorker and BuzzFeed.

How to create, grow & monetize newsletters

Register for the Knight Center's online course which will be held from February 22 to March 21, which takes a look at fundamental skills required to launch and maintain a newsletter through a standard product life cycle.

💻 Technology

25 years ago today, the internet declared its independence — for better and for worse

"Tech utopianism and tech hubris appear more thoroughly intertwined today than ever, and John Perry Barlow’s cyberlibertarian visions echo in the policy debates of today."

Publishers are experimenting with “bookazines,” which are less dependent on advertising

Find out why your favorite magazines are morphing into books!

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