#103 — Fighting churn with data

This weeks top stories in publishing includes discussions about how journalists are navigating protests, a podcast about what brands can learn from big publishers and examples of publishers who are successfully reducing churn.

💯 Top picks

3 lessons from the latest news media innovation winners

Real life examples of success from a variety of publishers who are keeping their biggest fans engaged, taking cues from their communities and fighting a winning battle against churn using data visualisation.

💸 Business models

The Guardian rolls out global tests of its registration wall

"News publisher the Guardian has ramped up tests of its registration wall to its global audience, with growing numbers of readers having reported spotting it over the past few weeks."

[Podcast] What brands can learn from big publishers

"Most content exists to answer a single search query, before the visitor disappears back into the ether. In that way, most blogs are more like libraries, loaning out a single book in response to a single visitor’s question."

The Animalz podcast explores how over-relying on organic search traffic can pose problems, with guest Andrew Montalenti, Founder and Chief Product Officer at Parse.ly.

Publishers are tying virtual events to subscriptions

"As publisher events have been forced online, they are becoming more entrenched with other parts of the business, particularly subscriptions."

Reimagine the newspaper chain for digital news outlets

Indiegraf, a new independent local news network launching in Canada, aims to provide publications with pooled resources for technology and marketing. Their aim is to give entrepreneurial journalists who don't have development or marketing resources the tools required to launch subscriber-based businesses.

✍️ Modern journalism

Photographers are being called on to stop showing protesters’ faces. Should they?

"Photographs of protests are everywhere, from the news to your social media feed. But there’s a growing movement that calls for journalists and citizens to blur or not show protesters’ faces.

So what should visual journalists do?"

George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and one journalist’s painfully honest self-examination on racism

"Acknowledging that  no one in the U.S. is immune to the influence of white supremacy may be the only way for journalists to effectively navigate the complexities of race"

💻 Technology

Medium launches newsletters

Perhaps the only email newsletter service in the world that doesn't give you any access at all to manage your subscribers – or even see their email addresses.

What we learned from 2 months of hosting webinars

This is what the FIPP team learned when they were forced to transition their in-person events and conferences into a series of remote webinars.

🤷 WTF?

Marketers bring antitrust suit against Google

"Three online advertisers are suing Google for allegedly violating antitrust laws by monopolizing digital advertising markets."

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