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Join a diverse community of creators — writers, journalists, video creators, podcasters, and more.

Being an independent publisher doesn’t have to be lonely. Our community is curated with purpose, so you can build real relationships with a small, meaningful group of peers who are facing the same challenges as you!

How it works

Each month, we select a small group of applicants to join the growing Ghost community.

Successful applicants are invited to join a private Discord server, and introduced to a community of 400+ creators. From here, this is your space to share ideas, support each other, and get guidance about building a successful publishing business in real-time.

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Am I a good fit for the Ghost community?

We're looking for community members who are publishing frequently on their Ghost site and can share clear examples of what they'd like to learn from the community, as well as what they'd be able to help others with.

The community is best suited to publishers who are serious about growing an audience and building an indie business.

What do I need to apply?

You'll need to share your published work, your audience size, and explain what you want to get out of the community on the application form. Take your time filling this out, as this will increase your chances of being selected.

What happens when I get an invite?

You'll get an email to invite to join the community which is hosted on Discord. From here all you need to do is read the community guidelines, and introduce yourself to the group in the #intros channel.

I applied but I didn't get an invite, what now?

To make the community program useful for its participants, a small number of applicants are invited to join each month. Once you submit an application, you'll be put on the waitlist.

If you don't get an invitation after a few months, you can always apply again. Remember to fill out all fields with as much detail as possible.

Looking for a community you can access right away?
The Ghost forum has categories for finding your way around, getting help with themes, discussing marketing strategies, making feature suggestions, and much more → join here.

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