Open a theme in a code editor

Open a theme in a code editor

As the saying goes, use the right tool for the job. If you're editing the code of a Ghost theme that means using a code editor. Follow our tutorial to learn how to open a theme.

Using a code editor makes customizing your Ghost theme a much more enjoyable experience. It provides creature comforts like line numbers, syntax highlighting, automatic formatting, error checking, and much more.

Open a Ghost theme in VS Code

Download and install VS Code. Then, to open a theme in VS Code, unzip the theme and go to File Open Folder. Choose the theme folder and click Open.

You can also drag the folder from the Desktop or file system directly into VS Code.


Command-line shortcut

With VS Code, you can quickly open a theme (or any folder) right from the command line.

Run code . from the theme folder to open the theme in the code editor.



Now that you know how to open a theme in a code editor, the world is your oyster – at least in terms of making beautiful themes 💅

If you're looking to get serious about theme development, you'll want to check out our tutorials on installing Ghost locally and uploading and downloading a theme.

Whatever you get up to, come chat about it with the Ghost community – we're a fun bunch who love to talk about all things Ghost.

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