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Offer members multiple premium tiers (beta)

Offer members multiple premium tiers (beta)

It's now possible to create multiple tiers and offer your audience more options to become paid subscribers.

Our new tiers feature allows you to create tiered subscriptions each with their own price points, benefits, and content access levels.

Tiers make it possible to:

  • Create tiers for different types of content (e.g. newsletter and podcast)
  • Offer a Bronze, Silver, and Gold model, each with different benefits
  • Offer a high-price tier for people who want to fund your work
  • Include benefits such as access to communities, courses, ebooks and more
  • Match tiers that you already offer on other platforms such as Patreon

Check out the Tiers user guide to find out how to enable the beta feature for your publication and start creating your own tiered products.

Ghost(Pro) customers already have access to Tiers. Self-hosted users can update to the latest version of Ghost to access the latest features.

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