Scheduling your posts for future publication

You can now schedule posts in Ghost to be published at a predetermined date in the future! This is one of our most requested features of all time, so we're really happy to finally have it out in the wild šŸ™ˆ.

It works just as you'd expect: Once you set a publication date in the future, you'll notice the publish button change from "Publish Post" to "Schedule Post". Hit that, and you're all set.

All Ghost blogs now also have a configurable time zone, rather being locked to UTC, and we've fixed a whole bunch of bugs which were tripping people up.

We're also working on checking off several more of the most-requested things from our ideas board. So do stop by and leave a vote for what you'd like to see next, if you haven't already. (Yes, AMP support is coming)

Ghost(Pro) users already have access to all of this right now, log in to your blog and have a look! Users running Ghost on their own servers can grab this feature by upgrading to Ghost 0.9.

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