Release Candidate for 0.4.2

The release candidate for 0.4.2 is now available and ready for testing. We appreciate as many people as possible grabbing the RC and taking it for a spin so that we can iron out any kinks. We have a special issue open for tracking testing.

You can download the pre-built zip file from the green button on the release page. This is a ready-to-go version of Ghost that doesn't require any building or grunting. A simple download, unzip and npm install --production && npm start should get you up and running.

For the first time ever, this version of Ghost is also available via npm. If you're interested in how you can use Ghost this way, check out the documentation (still a work in progress).

Full details of what is included in release 0.4.2, along with a detailed blog post covering what this release means for theme developers will be made available shortly :)

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