Public Dev Meeting 25th Mar

This week has largely been focused on testing and fixing bugs in 0.4.2. A second release candidate was made available today, and the release pushed back by a day due to an RC1 bug that was deemed to be a blocker. If all goes well, the release will begin around 10am tomorrow - this includes updating everyone on Ghost(Pro).

This week we have an awesome announcement: Paul Adam Davis has joined Ghost. More info on this over on the Ghost Blog.

The Ember rewrite has become somewhat blocked on modals and notifications. We're looking to resolve this during the coming week, in order to get the rewrite off the ground. At this point the aim is to get a to a rough version 1 which may not have everything perfect but so that we can at least see where all the pieces fit.

The API and permissions work is on-going. We're now about ready to start the work of switching over bits of the API to support the new JSON-API-style format, upgrading those parts to 0.2 as we go. At some point once we decide the API is 'ready' we'll then switch the whole API over to version 1.

Work on Ember, the API and Apps should all kick into higher gear this week once the 0.4.2 release is done. In the next meeting we'll revist the 0.5 milestone in more detail and look at how to deliver it in a timely manner alongside the Ember rewrite.

Full details:

The full logs of the meeting are available from Slimer, our IRC bot (who is also on GitHub by the way!).

What is this?

We hold a public development meeting pretty much every Tuesday at 5:30pm London time in the #ghost channel on freenode. In this meeting we discuss progress, important issues, and what is and isn't on the Roadmap. It's a chance for everyone to get involved and have their say about where Ghost goes next.

Hope to see you at next weeks meeting: Tuesday 1st April, 5:30pm London time.

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