Public Dev Meeting 24th June

This week has seen epic progress on the Ghost repo:

In fact, during yesterdays meetings these stats were even more epic, but I forgot to take a screenshot :(

Wrapping up Ember

I cannot thank our contributors enough for the hardwork they have put in to completing the Ember admin project. We've closed around 60 issues against the Ember milestone in the past week! At the time of writing, there are 15 issues remaining and we're set to be able to close the milestone shortly.

We've managed to push the Ember admin project so that we've not just built the same thing we had, but found ways to improve. Once the last couple of big pieces (OAuth and the forgotten password flow) land, it'll be time to switch the admin to the Ember admin completely. I'm hoping to get this done by the end of the weekend!

Moving on to Multi-User

The next project is an enormously important milestone for Ghost: shipping multi-user. This change will drive Ghost adoption by allowing more diverse user groups to switch to Ghost. I cannot wait to be able to offer this to people!

The Multi-User milestone has been populated with a set of around 40 issues, most of them quite small. They have also been split into two phases as described in the Multi-User Epic issue which should allow us to progress quickly towards having MU support working and then add MU features and clean up bits of permissions.

The first phase is intended to be done by the end of the weekend, and the second phase by Friday 4th July. This means that by the meeting after next, everything should be merged and we should be ready to start the pre-release testing & cleanup phase. This is a super tight deadline, but it ensures that we can deliver MU in the first half of July.

In order to meet the deadline, we're going to need to keep up our activity levels. If there's anyone out there looking to start contributing, please come by #ghost on freenode and we'll help you get stuck in.

Full details:

The full logs of the meeting are available from Slimer, our IRC bot (who is also on GitHub by the way!).

What is this?

We hold a public development meeting pretty much every Tuesday at 5:30pm London time in the #ghost channel on freenode. In this meeting we discuss progress, important issues, and what is and isn't on the Roadmap. It's a chance for everyone to get involved and have their say about where Ghost goes next.

Hope to see you at next week's meeting: Tuesday 1st July, 5:30pm London time.

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