Public Dev Meeting 16th September

This week we've done a lot of work towards clearing up the user interface ready to do the next release. All the issues we absolutely need to resolve before we can release are now tagged with the next label. At the time of writing that's just 5 issues consisting of 3 bugs and 2 issues to do with the UI: #4047, #4031, #4016, #3810, #1961.

Ghost 0.5.2 is coming!

We have already fixed a number of important issues (like the post not saved and request entity too large bugs), and have new stuff ready to ship, so we're aiming to do a release early next week. Ghost 0.5.2 is set to include the design refresh, the about  page, direct email (email without configuration), redesigned post settings menu which also adds support for post cover images and the {{#is}} helper.

Community Guidelines

A couple of weeks ago we finally published our community guidelines on These guidelines are a statement of intent for how we want our community culture to grow and flourish - be that in IRC, on the forum, on GitHub and also in places like blog comments, our facebook page, and so on and so forth. These guidelines and all our public policies exist in our Policy repository.

Full details:

The full logs of the meeting are available from Slimer, our IRC bot (who is also on GitHub by the way!).

What is this?

We hold a public development meeting pretty much every Tuesday at 5:30pm London time in the #ghost channel on freenode. In this meeting we discuss progress, important issues, and what is and isn't on the Roadmap. It's a chance for everyone to get involved and have their say about where Ghost goes next.

Hope to see you at next week's meeting: Tuesday 23rd September, 5:30pm London time.

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