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Ghost + IVEEL

Ghost has acquired IVEEL, one of the most popular premium theme companies out there — and released all its products as free and open source.
Ghost + IVEEL

Ghost has acquired IVEEL, one of the most popular premium theme companies making beautiful templates for Ghost. With this acquisition IVEEL founder Sodbileg Gansukh has joined to lead our brand new theme-team.

All IVEEL themes have been updated, optimised, and are being released today as free and open source under the MIT license. This includes the extremely popular Dawn theme, for newsletter authors.

These beautiful themes are designed to support modern publishing, including dedicated themes for paid newsletters, podcasts, photography, and fashion.

All are available today on our Marketplace, and the source is on GitHub.

Dawndemo / download
Altodemo / download
Edgedemo / download
Easedemo / download
Rubydemo / download
Dopedemo / download
Wavedemo / download

We're very excited to see what you build with these new designs, and can't wait to show you some of the other projects that we have coming up.

Questions & answers

Here are some extra details to go with this announcement:

How do I download/install one of these themes?

Click on the "download" link under any of the themes above, then download the zip file from the green button on GitHub, and upload the zip to Ghost in the Design area in Ghost Admin.

Do these themes work with Ghost memberships/subscriptions

All IVEEL themes are optimised to work with upcoming Ghost memberships and subscriptions functionality.

At present this requires some code knowledge, however in the next few weeks we'll be launching some changes that will mean all of these themes will work automatically with members/subscriptions without any code required.

I'm an IVEEL customer, what does this mean for me?

The themes released today are new, open source versions of the premium themes sold previously — with fewer options and customisations compared to their premium counterparts.

If you purchased an IVEEL theme previously, you can continue to use and enjoy it under the terms of your original license. There won't be further updates to the premium version of these themes, but they will continue to be supported alongside all other themes in Ghost.

There are no other changes.

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