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Introducing Ghost(Pro)

Today I'm excited to share a momentous realisation we've come to at Ghost HQ.

We have suspected this for a while (I must admit) but recently we have been able to confirm, beyond reasonable doubt, that it turns out "The Ghost.org Official Hosted Platform / Service / Thing" - actually isn't a very catchy or memorable name.

So, we're renaming it...

But Seriously Why The Change?

There are several reasons. I'd like to share the most important of them with you.

For clarity - We've had a hard time (and so have many of you) distinguishing between the open source project and the official hosted platform in conversation. This new name should hopefully remove some confusion, and make it easier for everyone to stay on the same page.

Ghost = The software.
(Pro) = The official hosted service.

For marketing - We are a non-profit organisation called the Ghost Foundation and Ghost(Pro) is our only source of income. For Ghost to continue to exist and grow, we need to market our service effectively to new users. Ghost(Pro) subscribers are the people who finance the ongoing development and improvement of the Ghost software for the entire world (Thank you!).

For science - Studies suggest that 3 letters are easier to remember than [more than 3 letters]. We want you to remember Ghost(Pro).

So, that's it. Over the course of the next few days we'll be updating some naming and slowly rolling this out across Ghost.org. There are no other changes to any existing Ghost(Pro) plans. It's just a new name.

PS. Want to actively support Ghost and help us improve the software? Plans start at just $5 a month, and we'd be crazy not to remind you that you can try out Ghost(Pro) completely free right here.

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