Beta testers wanted for Ghost Desktop app

Beta testers wanted for Ghost Desktop app

Last month we talked about how we'd started working on a desktop application for Ghost. This month I'm thrilled to share the first beta release of the new application, which we very much want to get some beta testers for!

We’ve been incredibly fortunate to receive a lot of support for Ghost since its inception three years ago, but no organisation has done more for us at this point than Microsoft and its incredible team of developer & open source evangelists.

Felix Rieseberg, one of Microsoft's OSS evangelists, has been a long time contributor to Ghost - and also just so happens to be on the Electron core team. When I reached out to him to ask if he'd be able to give us a hand, he didn't just agree, he also got on the next plane out to Singapore so that we could sit down and map out the first version together.

We now have a first Developer Build available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It's amazingly exciting how quickly everything has come together!

We'd absolutely love feedback from developers about what's working well, what's broken, and what we should prioritise before the first public release. So if you have thoughts, or you want to get involved directly, please do contribute to issues on Github.

PS. This post was written in Ghost Desktop! 😁

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