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TWiG: Progress report on Ghost 1.0

We've been remiss in providing updates here for the last few weeks whilst we've been super busy shipping weekly alpha builds of Ghost 1.0. After some discussions about the format of updates, John & I thought it would be fun to experiment with providing them in the form of a podcast.

And so here I present you, episode 1 of "This Week in Ghost" - a weekly podcast about what's going on behind the scenes at Ghost HQ.

This week: why we're podcasting, a run down of the features we've built for 1.0, preparations for beta testing & what we're doing next.

Disclaimer: This was a very experimental first episode. There were a couple of issues with audio-levels at the beginning, and some annoying delays in the call which made for a few gaps/interruptions - but these are details which we will of course iron out over time.

Leave us your questions in a comment below! Or on Twitter. Or... you know... anywhere else. We really need to figure this out.


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