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Ghost 1.0 RC1

Today we're announcing the first release candidate of Ghost 1.0 - which is (hopefully) the last step toward a final release. You can install this version via Ghost-CLI for production usage. If you want to migrate your LTS (0.11) site to 1.0, check out the migration guide.

Meanwhile, here's what's changed since the last beta:

  • [fixed] A bug where empty posts could be published
  • [fixed] An edge case that would send Casper's infinite scroll into an infinite loop
  • [fixed] Broken positioning on welcome tour elements
  • [fixed] Minor visual bugs with SVG icons
  • [fixed] Session sync issues with multiple tabs/refreshes
  • [fixed] A regex issue with Ghost subdirectory URLs
  • [fixed] Re-enabled custom robots.txt via themes
  • [improved] Editor now focuses on the content area by default rather than the title
  • [improved] Tag management performance for sites with many (hundreds) of tags

You can see the full change log for the details of all changes included in this release.

Updated documentation

Documentation for Ghost 1.0 is available and complete. If you spot any errors or have any trouble, please come and find us on slack.

Breaking changes for theme activations

In a previous beta release post we announced some upcoming breaking changes for themes. In Ghost 1.0 all themes are scanned for compatibility when they're uploaded. If a fatal error is detected, the theme will not be activated.

Here's an overview of all fatal errors and their solutions:

  • [fatal] Usage of {{pageUrl}}, please use {{page_url}}
  • [fatal] Usage of {{image}}, please use {{feature_image}}, {{cover_image}} or {{profile_image}} (depending on context)
  • [fatal] Usage of {{author.image}}, please use {{author.profile_image}}
  • [fatal] Usage of {{post.image}}, please use {post.feature_image}}
  • [fatal] Usage of {{@blog.cover}}, please use {{@blog.cover_image}}
  • [fatal] Usage of {{author.cover}}, please use {{author.cover_image}}
  • [fatal] Usage of {{tag.image}}, please use {{tag.feature_image}}
  • [fatal] Usage of {{post.author.image}}, please use {{post.author. feature_image}}
  • [fatal] Usage of {{post.author.cover}}, please use {{post.author. cover_image}}
  • [fatal] Usage of {{post.tags.[#].image}}, please use {{post.tags.[#].feature_image}}
  • [fatal] Usage of {{tags.[#].image}}, please use {{tags.[#].feature_image}}
  • [fatal] A template file called index.hbs must be present
  • [fatal] A template file called post.hbs must be present.
  • [fatal] Any unknown handlebars helper

You can always test your theme in advance on https://gscan.ghost.org. Furthermore, please read through the theme change log for more information.

Node v6

Our officially recommended version of Node.js is now >= v6.9. Node v4 is still supported. Full list of supported Node versions.

Ghost-CLI 1.0

We've also released a new version of Ghost-CLI — 1.0.0-rc.1. You have to update to the newest version by running npm install -g ghost-cli@latest.

Please ensure ghost --version shows 1.0.0-rc.2.

Please see here for details on how to setup your server and install Ghost.


Kevin Ansfield, Aileen Nowak, Patrick Kim, John O'Nolan, Hannah Wolfe, Fixer, Austin Burdine and Katharina Irrgang.

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