Ghost 0.5.4

Update: 0.5.4 has an issue which effects MySQL blogs only, and causes character encoding issues. If you're using MySQL, please upgrade straight to Ghost 0.5.5.

Ghost 0.5.4 is now available on GitHub, npm and 0.5.4 is a maintenance release featuring a very important fix for a memory leak affecting 0.5.3, which causes Ghost to become unstable and crash under heavy load. This update also includes a number of more minor improvements and bug fixes.

Due to the memory leak that has been fixed, this is a recommended upgrade.


[New] Postgres is now officially supported
[New] Cmd/Ctrl + s now works on settings page
[Fixed] Memory leak causing instability under load
[Fixed] Autosave triggering 'do you want to leave' alert incorrectly
[Fixed] Issues with uppercase emails
[Fixed] Subdirectory output twice in image URLs
[Fixed] Incorrect twitter card data

As well as many other improvements. You can see the full change log for the full details of every change included in this release.


This release was lovingly crafted by Jason Williams, Paul Adam Davis, Hannah Wolfe, Matt Enlow, Felix Rieseberg, cobbspur, David Balderston, Robert Jackson, Jilles Soeters, Leonard Camacho, Jacob Gable, Mattias Cibien, Nazar Gargol, Harry Mills, surgesoft, Victor Szeto, Yury Michurin, David Robson, meowtec and John O'Nolan.

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