Ghost 0.5.3

Ghost 0.5.3 is now available on GitHub, npm and 0.5.3 is an incremental improvement to Ghost, adding bug fixes and new features, including... Auto Save!


[New] Post Auto Save
[New] Structured data (open graph, twitter cards)
[New] GMail-style shortcuts
[Fixed] Themes not working correctly with symlinks
[Fixed] User screen limited to 20 users
[Fixed] Next & prev meta links don't get HTTPS
[Fixed] Numerous UI bugs

You can see the full change log for the full details of every change included in this release.

In Detail

Power users will enjoy our new GMail style shortcuts. See the new shortcut guide on for full details of all the keyboard shortcuts supported in the Ghost admin.

Configuration changes

The new privacy settings have been updated to add a new useStructuredData flag which enables blog owners to disable the new structured data feature.

Theme API changes

Ghost 0.5.3 includes the following additions and changes to the Theme API:

[New] Themes now work correctly when symlinked
[Changed] {{ghost_head}} outputs structured data for posts

For full details of what has changed and details on how to use the new features, please see the theme change log.

How to Upgrade

All Ghost(Pro) users are being automatically updated and will be running Ghost 0.5.3 shortly. You're welcome :)

For people running Ghost on their own servers, you can download Ghost 0.5.3 and then check out the upgrade documentation over on our support site.



This release was lovingly crafted by Paul Adam Davis, Hannah Wolfe, Jason Williams, Matt Enlow, Fabian Becker, John O'Nolan, cobbspur, Gabor Javorszky, Felix Rieseberg, surgesoft, Ian Mitchell, Jilles Soeters, Mattias Cibien, NetPuter, Sebastian Gierlinger and Connor Tumbleson.

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