Ghost 0.4 - Aton

Today we are releasing Ghost 0.4 - the next minor release of the Ghost blogging platform. With a great deal of shiny new things.

This release represents a total of 374 commits across 178 issues from 88 incredible contributors all over the world. It's a cleaner, faster, more sophisticated Ghost all round. It enjoys Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch, Mozart, and the refined flavour of a premium cigar.

Aton - the Egyptian God of Sun - is the first release named for one of our 3 Kickstarter backers who pledged £1,000 to making Ghost a reality last year. Aton Energy develops smart, clean technologies to make your life easier and greener. They're pretty awesome.

What's in The Box

Ghost 0.4 is chock full of features, improvements and fixes. We really think you're going to love this update. Here are just a few of our favourite things in this release:

  • Static pages. You can now toggle any post to be a "page" from within your post settings menu. This will remove it from your post feed. About / Contact / Terms galore!
  • Unsaved changes notifications. We'll now give you a heads up when you're about to lose unsaved changes. So you can, you know, save.
  • Featured posts. You can now mark posts as featured, and style them accordingly from within your theme.
  • Sexy new loading bar. Always know when Ghost is doing something, a little blue bar crawls across the screen to let you know!
  • Quick edit post urls. You can now slap /edit/ on the end of any post URL and, boom, you're editing it.
  • Date based permalink support. If you like that kind of thing.
  • SSL support and a more secure password reset process.
  • Over 100 bugfixes and minor improvements!
  • Much, much more

Ghost 0.4 also introduces an automatic update check service to let you know when a new version of Ghost is available (woo!). collects basic anonymous usage statistics from update check requests. For more more information, see the update-check.js file in Ghost core. This service can be disabled with a flag in config.js at any time, if required.

How to Upgrade

Users of our Hosted Platform on will be automatically updated over the course of the coming days. Have some Jonny Walker Blue Label and put your feet up. You're welcome.

For people running Ghost on their own servers, you will need to download Ghost 0.4 and then check out the upgrade documentation over on Github. If you're using the default theme without modifications, be sure to drop in a fresh copy of that - too!


This release was lovingly crafted by...

Hannah Wolfe, Fabian Becker, Sebastian Gierlinger, John O'Nolan, Harry Wolff, Jacob Gable, William Dibbern, Jakob Gillich, Matthew Harrison-Jones, Michael Bradshaw, Zach Schneider, cobbspur, jamesbloomer, Dane Springmeyer, Sebastian Gräßl, Zach Geis, buddhamagnet, Benjamin Chodoroff, Daniel Hanson, Gabor Javorszky, Mark Berger, Matt DuVall, Patrick Garman, Seb Gotvitch, Tim Griesser, Tony Gaskell, b1nd, germanrcuriel, remixz, sjama, Ben Gladwell, Declan cook, Derek Myers, Devin Doolin, Enrique Chavez, Harry Walter, Henning Sprang, Jacob Kaplan-Moss, Jacques Marneweck, Jeff Escalante, Jonathan Johnson, Jono Warren, Jorge Niedbalski, Karl Mikkelsen, Karolis Dzeja, Kumar Abhinav, Lev Gimelfarb, Lucas, Luke Arduini, Manuel Gellfart, Matheus Azzi, Matt Florence, Matt Hughes, Matthew DuVall, Michael Nason, Micheil Smith, Nick Donohue, Nick Pfisterer, Nick Schonning, Pascal Borreli, Paul, Paul Adam Davis, Peter deHaan, Ryan Powell, Ryan Seys, Sean Hellwig, Simone D'Amico, StevenMcD, Talon, Thomas Faurbye Nielsen, Tim Mansfield, Tom Gillett, Vineet Sinha, WangSai, Will Glynn, William Golden, Zlatan Vasović, abe33, ali, andy matthews, danschumann, enahs, jtw, moritz haarmann, nason, nicovalencia, omeid and rektide.

Thank you all!

Ghost 0.4 is available right now on Users of the Ghost hosted platform will be automatically upgraded over the coming days.

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