Ghost 0.4.2 Maintenance Release

Today, we're announcing Ghost 0.4.2 - which is a maintenance release.

Traditionally in a maintenance release the only changes are essential bugfixes. But... Pre-1.0 some flexibility is common to allow for a fast pace of development. So today's release contains a little bit more than you might be expecting!

  • [New] Support for editing on touch screen devices!
  • [New] Tag archive support!
  • [New] Custom page template support!
  • [New] Default robots.txt which can be overridden by themes
  • [New] RPC ping when new posts are published
  • [New] Themes can now have a package.json
  • [New] Ghost is now an NPM module
  • [New] Bower now manages front end dependencies
  • Lots more

How to Upgrade

Snap! Ghost(Pro) users have already been upgraded. You're welcome.

For people running Ghost on their own servers, you can download Ghost 0.4.2 and then check out the upgrade documentation over on Github.


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