Ghost 0.3.2 Maintenance Release

In just two days time, we'll be letting Ghost out into the wild. Monday the 14th of October is the day the repository becomes public and everyone gets access to sign up to Today, we're announcing the package which makes up that release: Ghost 0.3.2 - which is a maintenance release.

After some more heavy testing by our Kickstarter backers, we've addressed a great deal of small issues since Ghost 0.3.1 - the most important of which are listed below.

We wanted to release this ahead of Monday to give those of you planning providing hosting for Ghost time to upgrade your packages ahead of the public launch.

  • [Fixes] Tag class handling in post_class and body_class
  • [Fixes] Potential XSS vulnerability in admin
  • [Fixes] Handlebars template files being served on front end
  • [Fixes] Incorrect mail example in config.example.js
  • [Fixes] Mail 'from' address is now configurable
  • [Fixes] Issues with adding images via URL
  • [Adds] Support for sockets rather than ports
  • [Adds] for reporting security issues

How to Upgrade

Upgrade documentation can be found at

Please note: this release also includes updates to the default theme: Casper. Please be sure to also upgrade Casper.

Existing users can download today's release, Ghost 0.3.2, from the download page.

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