Ghost 0.3.1 Maintenance Release

Just one short week after the first release of Ghost, today I'm pleased to announce Ghost 0.3.1, which is a maintenance release.

We always knew that after some rigorous testing by thousands of people, we would inevitably find some issues in the first release. Today, we're releasing fixes for those issues.

  • [Fixes] 500 Error in the Ghost importer
  • [Fixes] Critical issue with markdown being treated as HTML
  • [Fixes] MySQL issues with deleting posts and tags
  • [Fixes] Auto-linking inside of code blocks
  • [Fixes] Pagination partial in theme not overriding the default
  • [Fixes] Sendmail auto-detection
  • [Fixes] Date keyboard shortcut crashing the browser
  • [Fixes] URL-based image uploads saving in the wrong place
  • [Fixes] Admin redirect resulting in double slash
  • [Fixes] Broken help & support link
  • [Fixes] Overly detailed meta generator tag, now only 2 decimals
  • [Adds] Validation of config.js
  • [Adds] Full content in RSS feeds
  • [Adds] Support for embedded gists in Casper

Brought to you by Hannah Wolfe, Sebastian Gierlinger, James Bloomer, Matt Harrison-Jones, Jacob Gable, David Wolfe, John O'Nolan and a lot of bacon.

How to Upgrade

Upgrade documentation can be found at

Please note: this release also includes updates to the default theme: Casper. Please be sure to also upgrade Casper.

The Public Launch Date

Following a week of feedback from all of you, a lot of bug-fixing, and some careful planning - we are now ready to share that our planned public launch date is October 14th, 2013. If all goes to plan, on this date we will flick the Github repository over to 'public' and open up signups for

Existing users can download today's release, Ghost 0.3.1, from the download page.

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