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Code Injection

Code Injection

What do you do when you need to inject a small snippet into your Ghost blog, like an analytics tracking code or a simple meta tag?

Before: you had to laboriously edit your theme files in order to get those common snippets into your blog. Functional, but not very convenient.

Now: you can use the new code injection feature, which allows you to inject code snippets into the {{ghost_head}} and {{ghost_foot}} helpers of your theme, without ever needing to edit it. It also means you can change themes without losing these snippets!

It’s a small thing, but a very helpful one. We’ve been testing it inside Ghost Labs for a few months, and now it’s ready for prime-time!

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Ghost(Pro) users already have access to this feature right now, there’s nothing you need to do! Users running Ghost on their own servers can grab this feature by upgrading to Ghost 0.6.

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