Closing 0.4.1 & Kicking Off 0.5.0

Since launching 0.4 two weeks ago, there has been a pretty hectic 0.4.1 maintenance cycle in progress. Many and various bugs were pulled from the backlog, and several important new issues were raised and added from changes made in 0.4.

As a result, 24 bugs are now sat on the 0.4-maintenance branch, waiting to be shipped out. The deadline for PRs is officially midnight (about an hour from now). The release candidate will be published first thing tomorrow morning, and the public release of 0.4.1 should occur on either Wednesday or Thursday depending on how testing goes.

Meanwhile, planning and preparations are underway for the official kick-off of 0.5 in tomorrow's public dev meeting. The Roadmap for 0.5 has been hashed out in detail, and the planned features listing has also received a significant update to reflect the current state of planning for milestones 0.5-0.9. These documents constantly updated as we develop our plans for getting to Ghost 1.0.

In short, 0.5 aims to deliver the very first iteration of apps for Ghost, including the first official Ghost app: the Ghost Importer.

Tomorrow's public dev meeting is an opportunity for anyone and everyone to help us discuss and finalise the plans for what will be delivered in 0.5. It's also a great opportunity to come along and find out where and how you could get involved. We hope to see you there.

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