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New bookmark cards

We've introduced a new bookmark card to the editor which allows you to present links in a much richer format!

When using a URL with the right meta information, it can show the page title, excerpt, author, publisher and even a preview image. This is a great way to share links from sites that don't have automatic embeds. Here's an example of a bookmark card in action:

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How it works

There's two ways to add a bookmark card to your posts:

  1. Paste a link as the first thing in a blank paragraph – if no automatic embed is available, the editor will default to the bookmark card.
  2. Manually select the bookmark card from the (+) menu or by typing /bookmark on a new line and pasting your URL – or for a shortcut /bookmark {url}

Bookmark cards require a minor CSS update in your theme, grab the code here. Ghost(Pro) users already have access to bookmark cards. Self-hosted developers can use Ghost-CLI to install the latest release!

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