2017 is gonna be awesome!

There's been an unmistakable sense of tumbleweed in the air round here over the past month or so. Fear not, it is a sign of great things to come πŸ‘»

Perhaps the biggest representation of that is our new Ghost for Journalism program, which we launched today!

Activity on the public repos is always just a fraction of what's going on @ Ghost HQ. Instead of being split across public & internal work, for the end of 2016, we got the whole team focused on replacing all of the now 3-years-old and out-of-date technology that drove Ghost.org. The astute amongst you will have noticed even this blog has a shiny new pair of shoes πŸ‘  . The work we've done is far more than skin deep, leaving us with less maintenance work and more time for Ghost itself.

This week, it was business as usual πŸŽ‰

In the last week we have created 19 & merged 19 pull requests, plus merged 14 dependency updates, as well as opened 8 and closed 18 issues across 17 different repositories. We've also published an LTS release, Ghost 0.11.4. Any thoughts or questions? Let us know in the comments πŸ“’

What's occurring?

The main focus of last week was on cleaning up a few bugs and features ready to ship Ghost 0.11.4 LTS. You can read all about it in the release post. LTS releases are currently scheduled for roughly once a month, so we'll look to do the next one around the first week of February.

Next week, we'll be getting back to work on the Ghost 1.0 alpha. There may be some reshuffling of what features are and aren't going to make it and then buckling in on a big push to get it ready for prime time. More news next week 🎢

Ghost Desktop 1.2.0

Since the New Year, Ghost Desktop has also had an update, with several new features including deep links✨. Ghost Desktop auto-updates, so most people should already have the new version. If you haven't tried it yet, grab a download for your platform from https://ghost.org/downloads/.


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