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na miesiąc, rozliczenie roczne
$29 rozliczenie miesięczne
Dla profesjonalnych bloggerów z małym ruchem
  • 1 strona
  • 50,000 wyświetlenia na miesiąc
  • Nielimitowany transfer i hosting plików
  • Zawiera SSL


na miesiąc, rozliczenie roczne
$59 rozliczenie miesięczne
Dla zespołów, które zaczynają publikować regularnie
  • 3 strony
  • 200,000 wyświetlenia na miesiąc
  • Nielimitowany transfer i hosting plików
  • Zawiera SSL


na miesiąc, rozliczenie roczne
$105 rozliczenie miesięczne
Dla biznesu potrzebującego odpowiedniej skalowalności i niezawodności
  • 10 strony
  • 500,000 wyświetlenia na miesiąc
  • Nielimitowany transfer i hosting plików
  • Zawiera SSL
  • Priorytetowe wsparcie
  • Dedykowane środowisko


na miesiąc, rozliczenie roczne
$269 rozliczenie miesięczne
Na potrzeby poważnych wydawców
  • 50 strony
  • 2,000,000 wyświetlenia na miesiąc
  • Nielimitowany transfer i hosting plików
  • Zawiera SSL
  • Certyfikaty Klientów
  • Wsparcie telefoniczne
  • Dedykowane środowisko
  • Subdirectory installs
  • Menedżer kont
  • 99.9% dostępność SLA

Zawarte we wszystkich planach

World class support

Fully managed customer support comes as standard, for both users and developers. We're here to make things easy.

Custom domains & full SEO

Make your site easy to find with custom domains, URLs, XML sitemaps, meta data, structured data and Google AMP support.

Total control of your code

Write your own theme or integration with the Ghost API. Complete flexibility to build your own site how you want it. No limits.

Automatic updates & backups

Never worry about updating your software or backing up your data again. We take care of all that on your behalf.

Global CDN, security & SSL

Enjoy a network of 135 worldwide data centres, protected with multiple layers of firewalls. SSL comes as standard.

Always-on threat management

Never worry about downtime or attacks again. Our team is on call 24/7 so that when things go wrong: We lose sleep, not you.

We've got an unusually fair billing policy

Płać tylko za to co używasz, nigdy nie martw się o skoki opciążenia systemu

Pricing Diagram

Average usage based billing for all plans

Our plans are limited by how many readers you have, and how often they visit your publication. We only enforce these limits on a 3 month rolling average, so we'll never make you upgrade plans if you happen to have one big traffic spike or particularly successful month.

No surprise suspensions for exceeding limits

We never suspend sites for exceeding plan limits. If you publish something really successful and suddenly get a big traffic spike, that's exactly when you need your site to stay online. We simply email you to let you know when it's time to upgrade.

25% discount when paying annually Popular

We're very happy to offer a significant discount to all customers who pay for their Ghost(Pro) subscriptions annually. Less charges to worry about for you, and less payment processing fees for us. Everybody wins!

Często zadawane pytania

Poszukujesz więcej informacji? Znajdź tutaj pytania o które często jesteśmy pytani

Czym jest Markdown i jak to działa?

Markdown is the minimal syntax that Ghost uses for marking up your documents with formatting, using punctuation and special characters. If you're unsure of how to work with Markdown, please checkout our Markdown Guide.

Jak mogę śledzić ile wyświetleń ma moja strona?

You can easily get detailed data about how much traffic your site is getting by installing any standard analytics service. Google Analytics is the one very popular option, which is very simple to add to Ghost.

Jak mogę wgrać obrazki do Ghost?

You can add an image to your post by typing ![]() in the editor, or pressing CMD/Ctrl + Shift + I. This will load an upload box in the post preview area for you to upload an image. More info here, if you need it.

Jak mogę ustawić własną domenę dla Ghost'a(Pro)?

You'll need to map your domain name to your Ghost publication using a CNAME record in your domain's DNS settings. After that you'll want to update your Ghost(Pro) site settings to use your new custom domain. We've got a full tutorial on how to do this.

We also have dedicated guides for Cloudflare, GoDaddy, and NameCheap

Jak mogę edytować mój motyw Ghost?

Editing a Ghost theme requires some basic development knowledge, but is relatively straightforward. You can follow along with our support guide to get started, or check out the full Ghost theme documentation for more advanced areas.

Możecie opisać swoje praktyki dotyczące bezpieczeństwa?

We take security at Ghost very seriously. We, like you, expect our data to be secure and confidential at all times, and we go to great lengths to ensure that this is always the case. We conduct regular security reviews of our platform and our infrastructure to ensure that customer data is always completely secure.

If you believe that you have a found a vulnerability in any of our services, please reach out to us directly on [email protected].

Gdzie są zlokalizowane wasze centra danych?

All Ghost servers are located in Digital Ocean's AMS data centres in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The site is staffed 24/7/365 with onsite security and to protect against unauthorized entry. Each site has security cameras that monitor both the facility premises as well as each area of the datacenter internally. There are biometric readers for access as well as at least two factor authentication to gain access to the building. Each facility is unmarked so as not to draw any additional attention from the outside and adheres to strict local government standards.

Jakie metody płatności obsługujecie?

Akceptujemy głównie karty płatnicze takie jak Visa, Mastercard czy American Express. Nie akceptujemy PayPal'a ani przelewów.

Jak mogę zaktualizować dane mojej karty płatniczej?

To change the card used for your subscription go to your billing settings area and click on the button to update your payment information.

Czy plany automatycznie przedłużają się?

Yes. All Ghost(Pro) plans automatically renew either monthly or yearly, depending on your billing preference. Annual plans are 25% cheaper than monthly plans.

Oferujecie jakieś zniżki?

Yep! You can get 25% off our lower plans or 35% off our higher plans, when paying annually!

Are prices inclusive of all taxes and charges?

The price you see on our pricing page is the exact USD price you will be charged. Some banks do charge a foreign currency transaction fee if they are outside of the USA. This can be easily avoided by paying annually, so you only have to pay the bank's fee one time instead of twelve times!

I'm a student / open source developer / non-profit, can I have special pricing?

We're a non-profit organisation too, so unfortunately it's pretty difficult for us to offer and manage discounted services. That being said, we do release everything we do as open source, so you can have Ghost completely for free - but you will need to self-host it!

Jak mogę anulować swoje konto? Czy otrzymam wtedy zwrot?

To cancel your account, edit your subscription and change your plan from active to "Cancel" — that's all there is to it! If you need any help just email us on [email protected].

We do not offer refunds.

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