Commento + Ghost

How to use Ghost and Commento together


Integrate fully functional commenting on your Ghost site without any ads or tracking with a Commento integration

Commento allows you to embed comment threads within Ghost posts and pages - it's an open source project that comes with automatic spam detection out of the box and is completely free from ads or tracking.

Commento can be setup using their hosted Cloud Service or you can self-host the open source software for free. This guide will walk you through how to set up Commento using the Cloud Service by installing their comment embed code into your theme.

Sign up and register your site

Create a Commento account and register your site by adding the domain in the signup process:

Grab the embed snippet

Commento uses a universal embed snippet, copy and paste this to your clipboard. Here's a copy of the code:

<div id="commento"></div>
<script defer

Paste the comment code into your theme

Next, in your Ghost theme, locate the template file where you want to insert comments on your site. This is usually inside post.hbs - right after the content of your posts.

In Casper, Ghost's default theme, you'll see a line of code specifically reserved for inserting comments. This is where you'll want to paste the Commento embed code:

Make sure you remove the comments on line 65 and 69

Update your theme

That's it! Once you've updated the active version of your theme in Ghost Admin, your posts will now show a comments section below the content πŸŽ‰

Here's a live demo so you can see what Commento comments look like!

If you'd like to use Commento self-hosted, check out their helpful documentation.