AWeber + Ghost

How to use Ghost and AWeber together

Integrate Ghost with AWeber and sync your email subscribers for efficient campaign delivery

The most popular ways to integrate AWeber with Ghost include keeping your email lists updated, embedding custom subscription forms and automating an RSS newsletter campaign. Here’s more details about these integrations:

Sync Ghost members with AWeber

Keeping your readers emails up to date is important for effective email campaigns. If you’re using the built-in members feature in Ghost, it’s possible to sync these email addresses with your AWeber account using Zapier. This ensures subscribers in Ghost are always pushed to AWeber or vice versa, saving you the time of doing manual updates.

Once this integration has been setup it’ll run in the background and make sure that your subscriber lists are always up to date.

Embed AWeber sign up forms

If you want to turn visitors into subscribers using sign up forms from AWeber, this is entirely possible within Ghost. Sign up forms can be embedded efficiently using HTML cards in the editor, or directly in your site’s theme files.

Once you have created and customised a new sign up form in your Aweber account, locate and copy the raw HTML embed code:

Add the form to a single post

If you just want to add the sign up form to one particular post or page on your site - you can add a new HTML block within the Ghost editor and paste the embed code there. Once you publish your post or page your form should be in place and ready to collect new subscribers.

Add the form to multiple pages of your site

On the other hand, if you’d like to add a signup form to multiple pages of your site - then you’ll need to add the embed code to your Ghost theme.

Locate the template file where you want to insert the signup form. It’s usually post.hbs - right after the content. In Ghost’s official themes, add the newsletter signup form after the line that reads {{content}}.

Add custom content to a Ghost theme

After editing, save the file, upload a fresh copy of your theme, and (if you’re self-hosting) restart Ghost. The form’s now visible on every post!

Setup an RSS to Email campaign

If you’d like to send automated campaigns with the latest content from Ghost directly to your subscribers, you can use an RSS feed to achieve this. Adding /rss/ to most URLs in Ghost results in a custom RSS feed. Here are some demo examples:

AWeber has an RSS to Email feature which allows you to use your RSS URL to generate an automated campaign.

Do more with Zapier automation

Connect AWeber with many more of your favourite tools and align all of your processes using Zapier. There’s lots of commonly used automations pre-build, or you can build your own: