Ghost for Journalism

A $45,000 journalism development program to help build new, exciting, sustainable publications

We believe journalism and its role in creating an informed society is one of the most important ideas in the world. It impacts everything from what we think, to what we buy and who we vote for.

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Everything we do is about creating the future of online journalism with powerful, open technology

Ghost is a fully open source platform for independent publishers, founded three and half years ago after a runaway $300,000 Kickstarter campaign.

Since then it has been downloaded over 1.2million times by thousands of publishers from Square, Tinder and Zappos, to Vevo, Mozilla and many others. Last year, Sir Richard Branson called it "incredible" and "a very important idea".

Now, as our technology has grown and been successfully used by so many personal and company blogs, we’re turning our primary focus to where our heart and our mission has always really been: Journalism.

Our goal for this year is to find three fantastic new publishers to work with and help them grow their audiences throughout 2017, as we build out new publishing features explicitly around their needs.

In addition, we'll be offering up $45,000 in Ghost(Pro) credit, along with access to our internal tools, data, and technology partners.

We care deeply about making a difference. Our greatest ambition is to see the next Intercept, Vox, Bustle, Buzzfeed, Memo, Stratechery, Verge, NiemanLab, GOOD, Vice, FiveThirtyEight or Guardian – built on top of Ghost.

Here's what we're going to be doing this year:

We’ve created a $45,000 journalism development program to help build new and exciting publications

We’re looking for 3 passionate teams to work with for the next year, and help them create the web’s next important destinations for great journalism. As well as significant financial support, we’re offering up our full engineering team to help build and release the technology which they need.

Full engineering from the Ghost core team for all of 2017 to help build both your project, and the functionality you need into our platform.

$15,000 in Ghost(Pro) credit to power your publication + access to our full network of Ghost partners & resources to help you grow.

Technical mentorship and support to grow your audience and find a scalable, repeatable revenue model to make your work sustainable.

Promotion of your content across, and its significant audience of hundreds of thousands of users and millions of visitors.

Access to our internal data, bleeding edge technology, weekly meetings and 6,000 strong open source developer community.

An expenses-paid invitation to our next team retreat in June, where you can meet us all in person and talk about what we’re building together.

A chance to make a big difference to the future of publishing technology for everyone

Ghost Admin

Journalism is changing

Ad blockers are booming, revenue is declining, video is thriving and diversified distribution is at the forefront of the conversation. The demands on technology in media have never been greater. Those who are able to harness it are winning, while those who cannot are being forced to hand over the reins to closed social networks.

We’ve already got the platform of the future

Ghost is the only major open platform out there focused explicitly on modern publishing, built on the same modern technology stack as the world’s leading startups.

Now, we want to help fund and build 3 great publications of the future, and build our technology around their needs.

Our team has helped build blogs and publications for companies all over the world

We know how to do this, really well

Our team has been building blogs, magazines and publishing platforms for the better part of a decade now. We’re getting pretty good at it.

Our ecosystem is growing constantly

As we progress, more and more developers are building sites, themes, integrations and functionality into Ghost, improving the platform for everyone.

Built to last; for love, not for profit

Ghost is an independent non-profit organisation with a simple mission: Save the journalism, save the world.

Here’s what we’re looking for

We’re in search of teams who are experienced, knowledgable and passionate about one or more of the following:

Local, political, social, cultural and investigative reporting
Scientific, economic and philosophical analysis
Journalism about journalism (ooo meta)
Memberships, subscriptions & audience engagement
New revenue models for journalism
Use of emerging tech like chatbots, data, VR & APIs

Ideally, we’re looking for a small but experienced team of writers who have recently started up a new publication, have big ambitions, important ideas, and clear thoughts about what technology is needed to reach their goals.

That being said, we’d love to hear from anyone who feels like this could be a great fit for them.

John Hannah Sebastian
Sarah David Kevin Georgina
Aileen Kate Ryan

Team Ghost

Applications are now closed

We'll be sharing much more about our Ghost for Journalism program as we progress, throughout 2017