The Subscribers feature in Ghost allows you to capture email addresses of people who would like to subscribe to your publication's content. Email addresses can be viewed and edited from Ghost admin, but no emails will be sent without further integrations with an email tool.

Enabling subscribers

This feature can be enabled in the "Labs" settings menu in Ghost admin. When it is enabled, a subscribe button will appear on your site, if your theme supports it.

The subscribe button appears on the far right using the Casper theme!

Managing subscribers

When the Subscribers feature is enabled, a “Subscribers” menu item will appear within Ghost Admin:

This menu allows you to manage your subscriber list with the following actions:

  • Adding subscribers manually
    Click the “Add Subscriber” button to add the subscriber email address.
  • Deleting subscribers
    Hover over the subscriber email address and click on the trashcan icon.
  • Import a subscriber list
    Use the “Import CSV” and “Export CSV” buttons. Imports must be in CSV format, e.g. email, [email protected], [email protected]


From here, you can integrate your Ghost publication with your favourite email client such as Mailchimp or ActiveCampaign.

For example, you can automatically pass the subscriber list to a dedicated email tool using Zapier, and then set up automated emails or campaigns for your subscribers.