There are Content API breaking changes for upgrades from Ghost LTS versions to Ghost 1.0 – this will impact you if you're using the Content API from an external site.


There are 2 issues which impact the Content API when accessed from external sites:

  • Ghost 0.11.x LTS exports don’t include clients and trusted domains so these aren’t imported to your new site
  • The /shared/ghost-url.min.js util has been moved and renamed to /public/ghost-sdk.min.js

Migrating to Ghost 1.0.0

If you use cURL, AJAX or any other technology on a 3rd party site to pull data from your Ghost blog, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Make sure you're running at least Ghost 1.1.0.
  2. If you're not on Ghost(Pro), then your trusted domains will need to be re-added via the database.
  3. Visit your blog to get the updated snippet - the URL has changed from /shared/ghost-url.min.js to /public/ghost-sdk.min.js, and your client credentials may also be different.
  4. Update your 3rd party site with the new URL, client id and secret (copying the whole snippet is easiest).
  5. Fix up any field names you're using which have changed. For example: post.image -> post.feature_image.

You're done. Any problems, come chat to us on the Ghost forum.